San Juan Islands, WA

"Over and Under" © 1999, Australia,
watercolor and pastel
In Alaska on painting trip

Catherine Gill has been teaching and painting for
40 years.  She is known for her encouragement,
ENTHUSIASM, and ability to present concepts and
techniques, in a clear manner to students. Catherine
 paints mainly in  watercolor on her travels, but is also
fluent in oil and pastel.

She has taught and painted on location throughout
the US: in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
 Oregon, Washington and Tennessee; and
abroad in
Ireland, Northern  Ireland,Netherlands, Great Britain,
Italy, Kuwait, Czech and Slovak Republics, Australia,
Canada and China.

In Washington state,  an abbreviated list of her
teaching includes the  Frye  Art  Museum,  Pratt
Fine Art  Center, LaConnor Art Workshops, 
Coupeville Art Center,  Seattle Art Museum, Artists
at Sea Workshops, Bellevue Community College,
 and Shoreline  Community College. She also
teaches out of her studio in Seattle.

Fall 1999 ©

Student Accolades:

"I have been fortunate to have taken classes from  a huge range  of watercolor   teachers, however my repeat classes have consistently been with Cathe. She has an amazing talent of bringing the very best out in each student in her  class,  always  in a relaxed  and  fun atmosphere. Equal attention is given to each student, and teachers just don't get any better than this."

.........................................C. Vice - CA

" One of the best decisions I've made was to sign  up for the  San Juan  Islands  painting trip............there I met Cathe Gill. Through her instruction  and example, I became a better watercolorist,  and left inspired to an extent I had not felt in my 25+ years of painting. If you have not treated yourself to a workshop with Cathe, you are missing something valuable and special."

.P. Reilly - NY

In Kuwait on art exchange

"You are a truly gifted teacher and a wonder to "give" as much as you do to students from all  corners  of the  globe,  to  participate  in public projects and other the  same  time working  on your  personal artistic endeavors! Keep your great humour and enthusiasm. They sparkle, just like your paintings."

.............................B.Blechman - OR

"I returned home from your watercolor workshop aboard the Tahoma with my
soul refreshed......Your calm, unflappable demeanor,   coupled  with  your  happy, accepting  character,  was  wonderful  to behold......And on top of your being such a role model,  you are a superb teacher-- patient  beyond  any  expectations-- and I learned much! This is always important to me, but rarely realized."

....................................R. Keillor - CA

"An Occasional Slant of Light" © 2001,
Washington, oil

Catherine loves to travel. Her projects have
taken her to many places abroad. On her
trips she's usually able to spend time
painting outdoors, which is one of her
main loves.

In 2002, she was in China on a cultural art
exchange for 3 weeks, traveling, teaching,
painting and exchanging with other artists.

In 2001 and 2003, she traveled to the Czech
Republic, on an Art and Artist Exchange.

1999 found her in Kuwait with a cultural
exchange. She accompanied an exhibit of
paintings by women painters from
Washington state and taught classes to
women artists while in Kuwait.

1999 also found her in Ireland, where she
taught several times, and met other artists,
paving the way for a residency in 
Washington  state,  in 2000, between 20
American and 15 Irish women artists.

In 1998-99, she traveled to Australia for 7
weeks. She was in an artist residency,
taught classes, met with other artists,
 painted and exhibited.

watercolor painting in Ireland