Welcome to Deborah Stachowic's paintings.

Visit the gallery and enjoy. I paint in watercolor almost
exclusively. There are three categories to look at in my paintings.

All images are copyrighted, not to be reproduced without permission.



Botanicals and still lifes

These include my flowers, leaves, and still lifes. I started out in botany
and also grew a lot of the flowers I paint. I enjoy taking a little different
viewpoint with my paintings.



European scenes

I have begun to travel and paint more in the last few years. In 1993,
I was in Italy on a solo painting tour for 10 weeks. I had never been
to Italy before so I traveled to many regions to experience it all. It was
during a particular rainy fall and there was massive flooding in many
regions. The Cinque Terre, a region I wanted to visit, was inacces-
sible because many of the roads were washed out. It was a glorious
trip anyway with all the marvelous food and wine. I will be
returning  again  in  2003.

In 1999 I returned to Europe, and visited Ireland and France for the
first time. I spent a month in each country. I had a painting in a show
in Ireland and taught in conjunction with that. I toured around the
whole island, mainly staying close to the coast. The people were
wonderful and warm, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed
the food, as I had not associated Ireland with great food. It was also
a nice surprise to see a lot of good art in even the smallest of towns.

In France I made a circuit of many regions,and as I really enjoy food,
I tasted all the food from the different regions with great pleasure,
finding delicious food in every town. I found the French very polite,
even though my french was not as fluent as it could have been. I
will  be  exploring  France  again  in  2003.





Recently I have started a new series of paintings that are more inspired by
inner worlds and feelings. In some of these paintings I use acrylic paints.