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I  love to share the joy of watercolor
painting  with  others.  If  you  are
interested in one of my popular classes
or workshops,   please  contact me.

Watercolor has  been  my  exclusive
medium of  choice for many  years. I
really love the magical way the paint
interacts  with the water  and paper.

I have tried to push what can be
achieved  using  only  watercolor.

Recently, I have been experimenting
with  acrylics,  though  watercolor
remains  my  primary  love.





I have located my studio and classroom in a 1890's registered
south of downtown Seattle, in the historic Georgetown area. This
venerable building lies sandwiched between Airport Way South (formerly
a gravel road), and train tracks at the back. The Rainier Beer Company
originally  used  this  building  as  Rainier Cold Storage,  and it retains
impressive 18 " thick wooden beams
and supports. In the past, horses
pulled beer wagons up ramps right into the building, through the large
loading dock doors that now enter my studio. The building
is now an art
complex with other artists, which lends itself to very stimulating